On behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, PLANVAL is designing a «Learning Environment» for the EUSALP. EUSALP? This is the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region with 48 regions from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The goal of EUSALP? Sustainable and innovative development of the Alpine Space. And what is a Learning Environment? Well… that’s what we are co-creating right now: together with the EUSALP Action Groups and Executive Board, to increase effectiveness and make more impact on the ground.

How do EUSALP actors perceive their work performance? Which skills must be improved? To identify concrete capacity building needs, we implemented a range of interviews with empathy and a comprehensive online survey. More than 100 participants shared their experiences. And they revealed: there are quite many and quite diverse learning needs, ranging from effective stakeholder participation and multidimensional governance to tailormade communication and innovation methods.

Based on this basis, we are now designing a roadmap for 2021: we prepare 5 capacity building modules for EUSALP stakeholders in a demand-driven way, highly interactive, and oriented towards direct transfer into the participants’ daily job-to-be-done. Taking place in Munich, starting in summer.

You want to know more? Simone Meyer will be happy to provide you with information. Or check out our project outline.


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